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Expect the Unexpected

The first time our daughter, Alyssa, went scuba diving with us in the open ocean was quite memorable. At fifteen she had done fresh water dives, plus we had snorkeled together several times, but she was a little intimidated by the vastness of life under the sea. We chose a spot in the Abaco Islands  in the Bahamas where the water was clear and shallow. Our dive was on a reef that brushed the water’s surface, extending down to only about thirty feet at the deepest point. There was a nice sandy...

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Small Group Size= More Time With the Little Creatures

Sometimes it’s the tiniest things that make a dive perfect. Gary and I love small group diving for that very reason. There are times when you really want to just be still and study the minute life that exists within the massive hydrosphere of the ocean. Diving with 2-6 people gives you the luxury to do just that. We shore dive or boat dive alone wherever we can, but in unfamiliar waters that can be intimidating. Guided private dives are the answer in those cases. You’ll often find...

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