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Bed & Breakfasts

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We often forget about looking for a B&B in close proximity to dive sites, but they exist. If quaint and cozy are what you crave for your dive travel then start your search here.

Full Service Dive Resorts

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Expect to find an onsite dive shop, dive masters, boat trips, and even a house reef to dive in some locations. These resorts cater to divers in every aspect from gear storage to activities. Often there will be food onsite as well.

Non-Dive Resorts

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Expect something more than just a hotel. Often there are restaurants, activities, or shopping available onsite. This may be the best choice if there are non-divers in your travel group.

Standard Hotels

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Never underestimate the ease of just staying inside the "box." There will always be times when a regular hotel is your best option for a dive trip.

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