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Air Fills

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Look here if you just need to get your own tanks filled or for rental tanks and refills.

Dive Guides

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There are times when you want to explore on your own, and then there are the times when it would really be nice to simply let someone else show you the good stuff. Find the perfect guide for your trip here.

Dive Shops

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A dive shop can be your best resource for group trips, continuing education, and equipment service. Get to know a shop where you live so that you will always be "in the know" about all things scuba.

Property Management/Rental Agents

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Often working through a rental agent is a great way to find accommodations that are off the radar. Though you can expect to pay a fee, it can be worth it, especially in unfamiliar destinations.


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There's always that moment after a dive or two when you suddenly realize that you are STARVING!! This is a listing category designed just for that moment.

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Welcome to The Dive Bus, Curacao! If you’re looking for a fun, relaxed scuba diving experience in one of the TOP Caribbean shore-diving destinations, in small dive groups led...

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