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How to Convince Your Wife to Dive

How to Convince Your Wife to Dive

Your marriage could depend on it. Let’s face it, you want to dive; you need to dive. But perhaps there’s someone in your life that isn’t quite convinced. Perhaps you’re married to that person. You are left with the options of diving less, diving alone, or convincing someone else to learn to dive. I’m not an expert, but I am working on my fourth decade of a happy marriage. One of the things we attribute our happiness to is enjoying the same activities. It greatly expands the topics of daily conversation, makes vacation planning easier, and connects us in a way that day-to-day life cannot. There are things that we have seen and experienced together underwater that we simply could not adequately describe to another person. Those are the experiences that act as the glue that binds two people together. Forever.

It can’t hurt to try, so here’s my advice.


Step 1:

Talk about beaches. Where there’s diving, more often than not, there are beaches. Make concessions and promise beach time together after the dives. Throw in a little romance and you are off to a good start.

Step 2:

Talk about the fish. The beauty of life under the sea cannot really be experienced any better way than with a regulator in your mouth. I’m not one of those people who love water. I’m not the first one in a pool or the person splashing in the waves at the beach, and I only snorkel when I have no other choice. But give me a way to float freely among some of the most stunning creatures on the planet and I’m all over it. Tell your wife that. Tell her it’s not about swimming; it’s about the fish.

Step 3:

Make it fun and easy for her to learn. Go through the class with her, even if you are already certified. If you live somewhere that only offers cert dives in a 68º barren quarry, don’t take her there. Use the referral program and take her someplace warm and tropical for her open water dives, someplace with beaches.

 Step 4:

Make her first dives easy ones with good vis, no sudden drop offs, not much current, and lots of fish. Make sure there will not be any seasickness. Let her get sick on a boat full of strangers just once and she may never dive with you again.Try the Bahamas, Maui, Bonaire, or Grand Cayman. These are the kind of places that will leave her wanting more.

If she really doesn’t enjoy diving with you, then at least take her with you on dive trips, especially to the destinations that have beaches.

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