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Southern Bonaire Dive Sites

Southern Bonaire Dive Sites

The primary reason why most dive guides list all of the sites south of Sweet Dreams as advanced: current. We have been lucky enough to have done all of the the far southern dive sites. We have discovered that looks can be VERY deceptive at these sites. A little surge at the surface may make entry possible, but the real problem lies beneath the waves. Always be prepared for strong currents once you drop along the reef. We have done these sites with little or no current, a current that changed directions during our dive, and a steady gale that was almost impossible to swim into.sweetdreams2

Our advice is to build your skill level before any attempt at the far southern sites and be prepared to abort any dive and move up the coast if the current is more than you are comfortable.

Having said all of that, Sweet Dreams is a beautiful site, boasting a luxurious growth of soft corals. All of the southern sites present a sharp contrast to their northern neighbors. While hard coral structure is present here, it isn’t the star of the show. Dive here for the forest of gorgonians and fans that are in scarce supply at most of the northern sites.

Willamstoren Lighthouseyellowlighthouse

It isn’t always possible to do this dive at the southern tip of the island due to strong current and surge at the surface due to wind. But if the wind is calm and the seas flat, it’s an incredible dive. The current feeds growth in the soft corals creating a virtual wonderland of towering fans and

gorgonians. The fish are abundant and there’s always the possibility of an encounter with large pelagics passing in the open water.


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