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About Our Rental Types

Divers don't travel quite the same way non-divers travel. We think outside the LaQuinta box, often way outside. Our love of adventure will lead us to accommodations that bear little resemblance to traditional tourist lodgings. That's not to say that we don't sometimes like our creature comforts. 

Our rental listings give you the opportunity to expand your travel horizons in either direction.

In addition to traditional rentals you can search our site for these interesting categories:

Private Rentals- For When You Want to Stay Away From the Crowd


Apartments are usually slightly smaller than a condo or townhouse, but not always. They are often part of a complex that may have communal facilities like a pool or beach. This category also includes apartments that are part of a larger home, either attached or not. You may also find apartments attached to businesses, particularly dive shops. Sleeping areas may or may not be private; kitchens may be small and only partially supplied.

Room for Rent

This is a room for rent in someone else's home, with or without that person being present. This is a great choice for solo divers. It can be a unique way to meet another diver and get to truly live like a local on your dive trip.


Private Houses

Many of these use the term "villa" in their title. They are usually the largest of the listings. Expect things like fully supplied kitchens, multiple bathrooms, and higher occupancy capability. Do not expect services like onsite dive shops.

Hotels & Resorts

Full Service Dive Resort

Expect to find an onsite dive shop, dive masters, boat trips, and even a house reef to dive in some locations. These resorts cater to divers in every aspect from gear storage to activities. Often there will be food onsite as well. 


Non-Dive Resort

Expect something more than just a hotel. Often there are restaurants, activities, or shopping available onsite. This may be the best choice if there are non-divers in your travel group.


Bed & Breakfasts

We often forget about looking for a B&B in close proximity to dive sites, but they exist. If quaint and cozy are what you crave for your dive travel then start your search here.



Boat in a Marina

Fall asleep with the boat rocking gently beneath you, then wake up to the sights and sounds of a marina. Renting a boat that stays in the marina slip gives you all the enjoyment of sleeping on the water, without the complications that come with driving a boat.

Bareboat Charter

Are you an experienced boater? Try renting a boat for your perfect diving adventure. Whether you rent a boat by the hour or the week, whether it's a 20 foot run about or a 40 foot cruiser, boat rentals give you the freedom to dive when and where you want.

Day Trips

Whether you are looking for a quick 1-tank trip or an all-day, 3-tank excursion, in some locations the only way to get to the dive site is by boat. Find the perfect boat dives here.

Recreational Vehicles

Over the Road RV

This is an RV that you rent to be driven or towed to a destination. RV parks and campgrounds situated near dive locations are an often overlooked option for dive accommodations. An RV rental allows you to combine camping and diving. Now that's adventure.

Stationary RV

This is an option that you don't encounter often, but could easily be an inexpensive alternative form of accommodation. The premise is that someone who owns an RV parks it in a stationary spot near a dive location, either a park or maybe even at their house, then rents it in place to you. Like the boat in the marina rentals, this one is hassle free for you!

Jump in and find your adventure!